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Valentine’s treat for Kilifi man as he wins Sh11m from Lotto

Charles Thuku @PeopleSports11

Valentine’s Day came with good tidings for Kilifi resident Baraka Moses Chigogo who won himself a cool Sh11 Million in raffle company Lotto’s Power draw.

The lover’s Day, which is celebrated the world over, will forever remain etched in the memories of Chigogo after he received an unexpected call from Lotto’s officials and which is bound to change his life for the better.

Chigogo became the latest Valentine’s Power-draw winner and perhaps the youngest at only 22. The lucky lad em- braced playing Lotto under the adage, “Birds of a Feather Flock Together,” as he has had seen several friends win consider- able prizes with Lotto and did not want to be left behind.

He believes everyone has their lucky day and as good fortune would have it, his ar- rived on February 14. Chigogo, Kenya’s latest millionaire, dedi- cated the win to his aunt who raised him in Kilifi.

If there were ever a god modern day rep- resentation of the biblical mustard seed that grew into a big tree, this would be it as Chigogo, through his simple purchase of a Sh50 ticket, joined the millionaires club.

Chigogo’s win came via Power-draw, the periodic to Lotto’s two ways to win which include winning either by raffle or striking it rich by matching the draw numbers.

The company’s 238th draw had the win- ning numbers set as 11, 38, 24, 31, 42, 25 and bonus number 2. Chigogo says he will donate Sh1 million to his aunt who brought him up and saw him through Secondary School from where he graduated over a year ago.

He had been hoping to pursue an engi- neering course but lack of funds saw that dream shattered. Now with Lotto’s windfall, Chigogo hopes to pursue the career up to the highest level. On how he will use the rest of the cash, Chigogo reckons he will have to consult widely with his brother and aunt.

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