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The eye of Kenya and other adventures

print acacia tree that runs from the ground floor to the topmost floor is the landmark of the mall that makes many Instagrammers show up for a selfie. Said tree might need a name and personality soon.

There is also a dancing water fountain at the Two Rivers Mall that goes live at the top of every hour from eight to eight every day including weekends, unless there is a live event. Once in a while, especially during major holidays like father’s day, the mall hires a live jazz band that plays from 5 pm in the evening till late.

But this article is not about that. It is also not about the hippos made from wires and the zebras and giraffes made from scrap metal that stand sentry at the water fountain, fascinating both old and young alike.

It is also not about how the dancing water jets catch the sun rays creating a beautiful rainbow that can only be explained in refraction and prism of light, terms of class six physics, that will simply leave you spellbound at the ingenuity of man. How the fountain lights up the night reminiscent of the fountain at Dubai Mall, is also a topic for another day.

Today, we discuss the pride eye of Kenya and why you should visit it. The pride eye of Kenya is a large wheel with 60 suspended glass-walled cabins. Each cabin can hold four people and moves slowly up and down giving you views of the nearby green and lush fields of Kiambu.

The great thing about this activity is that it is a separate entity from Funscapes and therefore one does not need to preload their card with Sh2,000.

You can just walk in and pay the Sh500 ticket fee and get on the wheel for your 10-minute ride, which is about three revolutions. It is best, however, to go with people, as the 10 minutes can be quite a stretch if you are alone.

I suppose that one cannot possibly just go to Two Rivers Mall for the pride eye alone. The good news is there is a myriad of activities that kids can choose from at the Funscapes area, from merry go rounds for the adventurous kids, bobbing floating space ships in a manmade pond, simple swings and a water area for the younger set.

There are also water rides for teenagers and the ageless like me. My favourite activity at the Funscapes area, after eating freshly toasted sugar coated nuts and hot dogs, is getting into the canoes and going for a water ride. My heart always drops to my stomach and at least I no longer scream on one of the steeper drops while the kids stare and laugh.

After expending all that energy screaming on the fun rides and meditating on the eye of Kenya, one can replenish lost energy in one of the many restaurants in the mall. How we always end up at either Burger King or Artcaffe is a mystery.

Really it is not, it is either I make my charges happy by getting them a fairly affordable meal that comes with a free crown and toy, or auntie gets to pay twice that but gets to spoil herself with sugared treats and a huge bowl of pasta.

I lose almost all the time, but having my charges as my excuse for going on rides that I would get judged for going on alone more than makes up for it.


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