Storm brewing over insurance cover for police

A major storm is brewing at the  Kenya National Police Service and Prisons Service over the award of a multi-billion-shilling insurance cover for the officers.

The matter involves the procurement of insurance cover for the others, which caters for group personal accident and life insurance for the 107,000 members of the services.

When the bid was floated, eight insurance companies expressed interest.  They are Pioneer Insurance, Britam Insurance, UAP, Jubilee Insurance, Barclays Life (formerly First Assurance), ICEA, Kenya Alliance and CIC Insurance.

The highest bid was ICEA’s at Sh3.2 billion while the lowest was Barclays Life with Sh1.7 billion.

However, the winner of the bid, according to reliable sources, is Pioneer Insurance whose quotation was Sh2,295,970,076.

A spokesman for the winner said they are waiting to be awarded the letter of offer before they can comment. It will be the fifth time that Pioneer wins the tender.

This means the families of the officers killed in the line of duty will receive compensation equivalent to the officers’ eight-year salary. The scheme covers police officers who sustain career-threatening injuries.

In the scheme, a family of an officer who is killed in the line of duty, for example, during a shootout with gangsters or bandits, will enjoy 100 per cent benefit that would amount to an equivalent eight-year salary.

The full reimbursement would also be extended to officers who are killed in accidents.

A constable, the lowest ranked officer, joining the force from training school has a death benefit of Sh1.72 million based on the basic pay of Sh18,000.  This rank has a consolidated salary of about Sh30,500.

Those who get severe injuries leading to permanent disability while on duty will also be considered for the full reimbursement.

The lucrative deal will further cover officers who die while not on official duty but the amount paid will be calculated at 70 per cent.

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