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Stay positive

As I write this, chat is rife online and within social circles of the suspected suicide of a senior manager of one of the leading audit firms in the country, PricewaterhouseCoopers, who reportedly jumped from the 17th floor of the organisation’s offices.

This week, the world marked Mental Health Day, and according to reports released, majority of suicide cases in the country are as a result of stress and depression. Where I’m I getting to with this? Attitude.

If there is a quality to be admired in people, it is their attitude towards adversity, which eventually plays a big role in whether they’ll be weighed down by challenges or cope. While not everyone is easily able to adopt an upbeat outlook when tragedy strikes, it really is awesome that some can.

One of them is our main feature this week, a young woman living positively with rheumatoid arthritis. As you will tell from her story, it is not the easiest of conditions to live with. Being in severe pain persistently must be tough, but her attitude towards it all will make you fall in love with her soul.Happy reading.

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