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Romance in the office

Marcella Akinyi

How did you meet?

Martin: We work together. I had seen her in the office many times but never had the guts to say hi. One time, during a busy period at work, we were both working late and I realised this was the moment to take the step of faith.

I said ‘Hi’ and asked her what was keeping her late. Surprisingly, she was warm and told me she had a lot work whose deadline was the following day. I offered to assist her, despite the fact that I didn’t know what she was doing, but as they say, mwanaume ni kujiamini! I managed and the rest is history.

How was it dating in the office?

Initially, we thought it was an issue and actually kept it between us for a while. Eventually, one of our mutual friends, who is also a colleague, spotted us out on a date and voila! Everyone knew! But, it didn’t happen that fast. We tried to ‘bribe’ her to keep it a secret, but we could not hide the love between us. Slowly by slowly, people started approaching us asking whether we were dating – apparently “we looked at each other differently”.

Was it against office policy to date?

At first, we thought it was, but later learnt that it was okay. The bosses were supportive.

How do you keep professional and family affairs apart?

Well, we have only been married a few weeks now, but even when we started dating, we had a mutual agreement to never mix the two. Up to now, this has never been an issue.

Tell us about your proposal

Linet: The proposal was wow! It was at Mövenpick Hotel. I remember I was in the office and had so much work. So, babe told me I needed to take a break. He proposed we go watch a movie then I continue working from home. I really needed the break, and I love movies, so I was in! We work in Westlands, and normally go to Junction for movies, but he told me that we would go to Westage.

However, while driving there, he made a sudden turn in the opposite direction and said we would first grab dinner then catch the 10pm movie. In my mind, I’m thinking, I have so much to do and I only have two hours then go finish up my work.

Romance in the office.

As I’m trying to explain, we are at Mövenpick, where apparently, he had invited one of my friends and his sister.

After dinner, the waiter brought dessert written, “Will you marry me?” then my friend and his sister showed up and I said ‘Yes’.

What was challenging about the wedding planning process?

It was challenging as we were doing most of the planning ourselves, but fortunately, our parents stepped in and helped us a lot. Our close friends also got actively involved as the wedding drew closer.

Settling on suppliers was challenging, but we are happy we got good ones, who did a fantastic job. We had a committee in Kericho organised by our parents, which assisted in coordinating the suppliers there, since we were both in Nairobi.

Why was your wedding in Kericho?

Kericho is very beautiful and we both love adventure, so we wanted people to have the experience while attending our wedding.

What was memorable about your wedding?

When I was walking down the aisle with my mum and dad. Wah! I remember when my processional song started playing, I looked at my mum and she had balancing tears and we connected emotionally. She didn’t have to tell me what she was feeling, I already knew.

Martin: When we were saying the vows. It suddenly dawned on me that I was just about to make my best friend and the love of my life my wife! And of course, our photo shoot. We really had fun.

What advice can you give couples planning a wedding?

Start planning early and work together.



DATE: APRIL 20, 2019






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