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Omogeni criticises MPs over funds cut

Nyamira Senator Okong’o Omogeni has faulted the National Assembly over its plot to reduce  funding to county governments.

Speaking to reporters in Nyamira town yesterday, the senator said it was unfair for the MPs to gang up and reduce funds to counties from Sh335 billion to Sh310 billion.

“Enemies of development are the people who sit in the National Assembly and we shall tell the people the same. We are going to rise against the plot by the National Assembly to slash funding to the county governments,” the senator said. Omogeni said there is need for enough funds to be given to the devolved units so that the counties can develop.

Lack of funds

“Some of our counties have not developed fully due to lack of enough funds and that is why we are really fighting to ensure they are funded fully to enhance development, and we will monitor  to ensure the funds are utilised well,” he said.

He urged all the senators to ensure the interests of the people are given priority in all matters development saying there is no need to put the interests of few individuals ahead without having the people at heart.

“Let us stand up and fight for our people  so that enough funds can be sent to counties. We will only support additional funding to the county governments for development,” he said.

He termed the MPs egocentric, adding that they were only out to use their positions for selfish ambitions at the expense of the voters who gave them the mandate.

Last week the National Assembly  rejected Senate’s proposal to have county funds increased and accused their counterparts of failing to follow basic principles of budgeting by not indicating where they wanted the extra Sh25 billion sourced from.

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