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Meet Josh Xtra, artist and designer

Best moment on stage?

That would be at this year’s Groove Awards. It was amazing performing on such a stage—almost like a dream come true. I had performed before as a dancer, but being on stage with that kind of audience doing my jams, that was amazing!

Worst public experience?

Well, this is a bit embarrassing. I remember as a dancer falling on stage when dancing with Jims and Dims, my dance crew.

Best hobby?

My hobbies are more like my life. I enjoy music, designing, drawing, dancing and sometimes, watching a movie. Therefore, my life is my hobby; I live what I do.

Best food?

I can eat chicken and chapatis all day, everyday!

Worst habit?

I have been told enough times by my friends that I should stop procrastinating. I love doing things last minute, but I am work in progress .

Best thing about being an artiste and creative?

I get to do what I love doing, and get to share it with everyone. That’s such a privilege to me.

Lowest moment this year?

Honestly, and I do not mean to sound petty, but the fact that I wasn’t taken out on a treat during my birthday made me feel some type of way— bad.

Worst experience you have had?

There’s a restaurant in town that my friends and I visited. We were so hungry and the fries were so bad. They were as yellow as sun and hard as stone. That was the worst experience. Imagine being hungry, paying for food and ending up disappointed.

If you came back as a fruit, what would it be?

I would come back as a mango. It’s juicy and tastes really good! Who doesn’t like a good fruit?

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