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Meet John Ochieng, photojournalist

John Ochieng @john_ochieng2

I fell in love with photography in college, as I wanted to capture special moments between people. I started with a Sayona digital camera. There was a time when I was in Mathare Area 4B and by chance a huge fire started.

I took a photo of the event and just for kicks decided to send it to one of the leading dailies, which to my surprise they used the next day. That motivated me to pursue photojournalism seriously. I am currently a photojournalist with the People Daily.

I had always wanted to take light trail photos. This prompted me to go online and watch tutorials on photographers taking such. This was my first attempt and I went to the University of Nairobi foot bridge with my Nikon d3000 and I was taken aback by how I managed to achieve this image. It has received a peer award for superb composition and outstanding creativity on View Bug. Picture taken December 2013

Camera Model: Nikon D3000

F-stop: f/13

Exposure time: 25 seconds

ISO speed: 200

Focal length: 48mm

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