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Living, committing and having fun while at it

Two men have caught my attention recently. One was a famous man— Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore. The other is a little-known man from Kajiado county by the name Erastus Ofula. The stories of  these men reminded me of two important lessons in life.

Starting with the more popular story, celebrating the life of one Bob Collymore, it was touching to note that this important person didn’t allow his success to get into his head and didn’t behave like most of your common CEOs. According to the tributes, two things stood out—one, his down-to-earth nature and two, his fun-loving nature.

Let me speak on the second one; his fun-loving nature. In spite of what we would consider to be his busy schedule as a CEO, he took time out to have fun, be it at the jazz festivals, riding on a matatu as a makanga or spending time with his wife, family and friends.

Don’t take life so seriously that you have no time to enjoy it, especially with your loved ones. As a couple, don’t just get bogged down in chasing after money, doing house chores or taking care of family matters. Stop and take time to have fun with your family, especially your wife.

From the story of Erastus Ofula, I was challenged by his commitment to his wife who suffered stroke 10 months ago. Sadly, his wife passed on. I know I vowed to my wife Grace about 24 years ago that it was for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer till death do us part.

But there have been moments when I have been tempted to give up on my vows by things that are nowhere near what Erastus has endured. It was never meant to be about that wonderful wedding, or that wonderful dress, or some of the things we see young couples consumed with when preparing for their wedding.

There’s nothing wrong with having a grand wedding if you can afford, but the most important part of that ceremony should be the vows that you make to each other for that is what makes the two remain one.

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