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KPBC AGM venue moved to from Sagret to Buruburu Nairobi

NAIROBI: The Kenya Professional Boxing Commission (KPBC) chairman Hillary Alila has confirmed the Annual General Meeting will be held at Jimlizer Hotel (formerly WAB) in Buruburu, Nairobi on Saturday.

The KPBC chairman had on Thursday said they had moved the venue to Sagret, but in a statement yesterday, Alila confirmed Jimlizer will host the AGM starting 9am on Saturday.

“As KPBC Chairman, I call upon the boxing fraternity and those who will attend the meeting at JImlizer to remain united and uphold our values the boxing body has always maintained,” Alila said.

“As you are aware the AGM will discuss important issues touching on the upcoming elections, I urge all those in attendance to conduct our meeting in strict compliance with our Constitution for it embodies the ideals we have always stood for.” “I wish all of you the best as we strive to enhance professionalism at KPBC,” Alila said.

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