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Jos Hansen East Africa exactly where you need to be

It’s not every day you spend an evening in a beer garden, in the company of great beer and one of the wildest crowds this side of the globe. Though, when I think about it, Jos Hansen East Africa is exactly where you need to be when beer o’clock finally calls.

And it was here where I met Oetti. Oettinger is Germany’s best selling beer brand since the early 1990s, made by Oettinger Brauerei headquartered in the small town of Oettingen in Bavaria, Germany.

The traditional German beer combines German brewing tradition and a passion for beer drinking. Whether strong and spicy or mildly tangy, every Oetti has its own character. This distinctive taste is developed during the brewing process.

Take the bottom-fermented Oettie Pilsner Lager,which is slightly more hop-flavoured and thus, a tad tangier than other full-bodied beers. Oetti wheat beers are unfiltered to retain their natural fine yeasty taste, while the full-bodied and spicy Oetti strong beers are brewed with considerably higher wort content.

The Oetti Super Forte is a dark lager beer and the strongest beer among all the beer products — preferably for seasoned beer drinkers if you ask me. It has a rich amber colour and a full-bodied sweet and malty taste.

For those green to the beer culture, the Original Oetti Weissbier, which is a naturally cloudy, golden wheat beer, would be the perfect choice. It is fermented with fine and aromatic yeast, and guarantees a great refreshment and outstanding taste.

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