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ICC T20 qualification offers optimism for Kenya cricket stakeholders

Optimism remains a virtue upon the cricket national team following their recent qualification to the ICC T20 Global World Cup Qualifiers.

Analysts who keenly following the workings at Cricket Kenya (CK) lately believe that to a large extent the relative calm has brought about positive tidings.

The mood in camp just prior to ICC Africa Region T20 Qualifiers was bubbly and cheerful; a far cry from the drama and pain of 18 months past. This was necessitated by elections of CK officials, which ensured the long tussle of leadership wrangles was neutralised with the move and apart from that player welfare concerns had been offset. Ex-Kenya coach Thomas Odoyo believes that the relative calm was important to make the players do their work easier but still the opponents were not to be considered difficult.

Politics be allowed

“How we manage differences is critical and trickles down to the performances on the pitch. At no time should boardroom politics be allowed to thrive at the expense of game development. That said, the recent tournament was a good one for Kenya and it was expected to be since our opponents were not expected to give us a headache. The environment during the event and before helped to make the players focus and conquer because of stability,” he told People Sport.

However there are other voices of discontent that worry the schemers who mean ill for the sport must be checked so as not to ruin the new charge. Former international and Kenya skipper Aasif Karim has questioned the sincerity of the game managers whom he accused of derailing gains.

“For starters I am worried with the ineptitude of the office that according to me is an illegal entity. Everyone knows the dirty games by selfish individuals yet it is the players who suffer. CK must take lead in good governance so that a more friendly environment can be enhanced for better performances,” Karim said.

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