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Dundaing at three million views on YouTube

The producer has faced a number of  allegations and has had wrangles including with film classification board. He tells it all to Alfayo Onyango

Dundaing is at three million views on YouTube and you’re bagging shows all over the place. Did you you foresee this when making the song?

Not really. It’s a song we made because we were in the mood. I think when similar minds hang out, they gravitate to the ‘feel good zone’. That’s exactly what happened. I did my thing, Kristoff and King Kaka picked up the heat and before we knew it, we cooked a hit that became the anthem of the year.

Where do you see yourself among the lineage of producers in the country, and what can you say you have pioneered?

I appreciate the diversity of Kenyan producers and respect the lineage. I’m not really a special case; I just fit in the whole jigsaw piece. I do what I’m inspired to do and appreciate the appeal it generates amongst fans.

My sound is urban and groovy, but I cannot claim I have pioneered that because there are other great music makers using the same technique. Maybe, I just pioneered free thought in music production. Cecile, Victoria Kimani, Masauti, Otile Brown, King Kaka.. .so many names have been privileged to work with you.

Who have you built something genuine with that was beyond professional music? Are you asking who amongst them became more than a client?

That’s tough to answer because I think my relationships with these people are more about friendship as they are business. I could be chilling with Otile in the studio while talking to Khaligraph on the phone and WhatsApping Fena all at the same time.

I appreciate all connections I have and don’t think of one as more valuable than the other. You are known for a flamboyant lifestyle online: a rockstar persona: pretty girls for company, vintage cars fetishes.

I’m curious, what was your upbringing like?

I don’t think I have a flamboyant lifestyle. It’s just a misplaced perception. I’m barely out in the public so people tend to guess my lifestyle from the public pictures. I had a simple upbringing and even now what people see as sophisticated is really the simple me. You have been in the spotlight for all kinds of reasons lately this year.

Do you welcome the allegations and the praises in the same light?

Fame comes with love and hate. I’m not really famous, I’m just known for my skills. As much as I get accolades for my work, I should expect the other end of the broom so I don’t really mind.

Do you believe Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) boss, Ezekiel Mutua, created personal beef against you or was his ban on your Takataka song with Alvindo valid?

I can’t really state if his issue was valid or not. It’s definitely not personal.

If he didn’t create all this tension, how many Kenyans would even know there is an office called KFCB in the first place?

I think by now his role in that office would be obsolete without all that public relations. He is a gentleman, but I think he should be in close touch with creatives instead of breeding constant fear.

What do you have to say to those who claim you’re stealing songs such as Ricobeats who claimed you stole Boychild song featuring Alvindo?

I don’t take allegations seriously because I believe that anyone talking something serious will back it with evidence and they would definitely come forth.

How can I take people talking in the shadows seriously?

As far as I know anyone making modest steps in the limelight is battered with allegations. Progress begets resistance and I believe my authenticity speaks for itself. The songs where you feature in the chorus seem to take off.

Can you say you have mastered the art of a hit song today?

There is no guaranteed abstract for making a hit, but I know for a fact that simplicity appeals.

Musically, what should we expect from Magix, having worked with arguably most mainstream artistes locally? Would it still be a surprise if I revealed it as early as now?

I’m definitely working on more projects and I know all true fans of music are ready to embrace them.

My doors are wide open to local artistes who want work with me. What gives Magix the most joy in life?

It’s hard to answer that mainly because the word ‘most’ is used.

Could there be just one thing that brings the most joy in life?

Generally, I love life and that’s why I’m spoilt for choice. Final thoughts I truly appreciate fans of Magix Enga and may all be blessed.

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