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Dumbest car alterations that dent your image

Ever since the mass production of cars started in the early 20th century, the industry of aftermarket parts and accessories has flourished. There is always something car fans can add, modify or change in looks or performance of a vehicle and there are companies making a kill from this. However, some of the add-ons are simply outlandish. Here are the most useless items that you can waste your money on

1. Tinting rear lights

Yes, we know that blackout lights look cool to you, but also it will be less visible for drivers behind you and it can cause somebody to crash into your car. That is why this modification is pretty dumb. Tinting the rear lights was popular several years back, but you will still see cars with this modificatiob in 2019.

2. Whistle tips

This is one of the most annoying things you can put on your car. Basically, it is a whistle you mount on the tip of your exhaust. It makes high screaming pitch while you drive. There is no practical function, no cool effect and no sense whatsoever. It’s just an irritating, useless mod.

3. Bedazzled car accessories

You may have seen smartphones, handbags and clothing bedazzled with various shiny crystals and details. However, many car enthusiasts are against this trend in car interiors. Putting crystals on your steering wheel, centre console or gear lever will not help you in any way, shape or form.

4. Oversized tailpipes and mufflers

In order to emphasise the performance aspect of the vehicle, owners often install oversized tailpipes and mufflers. This is so synonymous with matatus and Subaru drivers. Apart from being totally unnecessary, it is pretty dumb since it only creates loud noises and doesn’t make your car any faster or better accelerating.

5. Loud sound system

You really don’t need several thousand watts amplifiers and speakers. Not only that it is unnecessary, but it is also pretty expensive and heavy. The factory sound systems are good enough for most owners and if you are looking for perfect sound, it is better to invest in quality speakers than in ludicrous sounds system in your trunk. Where will you even keep the bananas gifted to you by your grandmother when you visit the village?

6. Fake bullet hole stickers

Do you think real gangsters drive around in bullet-ridden cars? Of course not, but for some reason, stickers imitating bullet holes became popular sometime back. In fact, people tend to put them on their fenders, doors and trunk. Why would anybody want to have a car that looks like it has been in the war zone? They are not funny and not cool.

7. Oversized spoilers

The sole purpose of spoilers is to create the downforce necessary to press the car to the ground. This helps stability at high speeds. In theory, the bigger the surface of the spoiler, the more effective it is at producing downforce.

However, most overenthusiastic owners think having an oversized spoiler on their cars would make them become faster and more stable. They are unnecessary because they affect visibility and are also heavy, so you have to mount special brackets and drill holes in your trunk. All in all, this is an unnecessary and often tacky modification you can do without.

8. Wrong model decals

Fake model decals are one of the most affordable and useless modifications you can do to your car. These decals will do nothing for the looks or the performance of your vehicle. However, these fake model stickers can kill any respect from your fellow car fans.

One of the first unwritten rules of car hobbyists is to never present your car as something it isn’t. For example, if you drive a Toyota Kluger, you should never put a Land Cruiser Prado badge on it. This will ruin your reputation amongst the other car fans.

9. Neon lights

In the years gone by, crazy-looking cars with neon lights underneath them looked cool. The sight of a car running through the night with a blue glow underneath it was something interesting for a couple of years. But as a matter of fact, the modification itself has nothing special.

It can’t help you go faster or enhance your vehicle’s stability. As the years have passed and the car tuning scene has moved on, neon lights under cars are outdated and no longer cool.

10. Oversized wheels

Since the 90s, the car industry trend was to introduce bigger wheels with each new-generation. Bigger wheels with wider rubber provide better stability and look better. However, if you go to the extreme, big wheels will not fit your wheel arches and will rub the inside.

Thin wheels make hitting potholes and bumps especially painful. Most manufacturers stopped at 19 or 20-inch rims, but aftermarket wheel companies produce wheels up to 34-inches, which is ridiculous. Although oversized wheels look astonishing, for real-life driving, stick to the normal sizes.

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