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Cheddar melt beef

A savoury aroma invites us to the kitchen at Empire Coffee, Eatery and Lounge as head chef Khahwachula Cleophas flips his beef fillet with a pair of tongs. He is careful enough not to burn the thinly sliced steak – the centre of the meal.

I came prepared to learn as well as dig in, just because I am a foodie. I’m in luck as the chef is thoughtful enough to ensure he considers one’s preference in how they like their meal. With his specialty being in the hot kitchen, I am rest assured he will definitely kill it with the cheddar melt beef, that we selected from the menu for him to prepare.

Chef Khahwachula has over a decade experience in the industry, and he says mastering his art over the years has made his journey in the kitchen smooth. “I love cooking and the moment I set out to make a dish, I try to ensure it’s better than my last. The secret to being a good cook is practice, and that is why I don’t find it tiresome,” he says.

Just as detailed in the menu, preparation of the meal takes 20 minutes, which I find to be a short time, especially for a dish that needs to be made from scratch. As beautiful as it looks after the chef plates it, I’m so ready to chow it down. Let’s just say, I was fighting temptation for a second helping even before I could polish my serving off.

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