Nurses in another strike threat

Nurses in another strike threat
Photo: Nurses on strike. Photo/File

Kenya National Union of Nurses (Knun) on Thursday gave the government a one-week extension to submit a counter proposal on how it wishes to harmonise the nurses’ Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), a day after its expected registration with the court.

Knun threatened to direct its members to hold an industrial action from March 13 if the government does not submit a harmonised counter proposal as agreed.

Following a meeting between the union and the two levels of government in Mombasa on February 27 and 28, Knun officials were on Thursday reported in the media that both parties had agreed on all non-monetary issues.

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However they also stated that despite the government providing its proposals on some allowances verbally, it did not have a counter proposal against the union’s demands on harmonised conditions for nurses.

Knun secretary general Seth Panyako accused the government of laxity and lack of seriousness towards workers after being given 60 days to present a proposal.

“The government is to blame for all the workers’ strikes taking place in the country because of its laxity towards serious issues and loss of negotiation spirit.

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What can it really do in the 14 days it has requested that it couldn’t in the 60 days it was offered at fist?” posed Panyako. 
 The collective negotiation was commenced based on the CBA between the union and the two levels of government on December 14, 2016 after nurses ended a two-week strike that had paralysed operations in hospitals.

Knun national Chair Joseph Ngwasi said the union will not negotiate further with the government about the CBA, citing that their demands are not salary increment but harmonisation.

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