Large-scale farmers decry land invasion in Laikipia

Large-scale farmers decry land invasion in Laikipia
Photo: Farmers picks tea. Photo/FILE

Large-scale farmers have condemned increasing cases of private land invasion in Laikipia and Nyeri counties saying it is affecting their businesses.

The group including horticultural growers said the move by pastoralists is wrong. In Laikipia, several high-end resorts and lodges have been closed because of the sporadic invasions which have partly been blamed on politics.

According to George Onyango from Van Den Berg Roses, the move has made investors shy away from setting up businesses in the country.

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He said the Constitution is clear on land tenure saying those invading private land are contravening the law. “This being an election year, we are perturbed by the politicisation of the issue, no leader has openely condemned the incidents,” he said.

Addressing the press in Naivasha, the senior officer said despite raising the issue with the relevant authorities, no action has been taken.

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“We have contacted the Parliamentary Committee on Lands, the National Land Commission (NLC) and other agencies with little assistance,” he said.

He said the same invasion was happening in Kericho and Naivasha where tea and flowers are grown in large scale noting that the trend was worrying.

“In Naivasha, pastoralists from the neighbouring counties invading our farms in search of water at the Lake because of the ongoing drought,” he said.

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