10 professions that are tricky to date

10 professions that are tricky to date

Post Valentine’s Day! As we continue stuffing our faces in sugary deliciousness thanks to yesterday, Kyoumukama Faith pens down 10 careers in which when it comes to the four-letter word, the odds may be stacked against you

1. Bankers

Bankers never have time for themselves, it’s no surprise relationship will be a challenge. They’re also obsessed with money and, since time equals money, they will spend a lot of time away from their partner making more money.

2. Pediatricians

They love kids and who doesn’t love man who has a soft spot for children? Problem is, they might stand you up during date night, not to mention you’ll catch the occasional flu from the tiny humans.

3. Lawyers

Be prepared for long hours come trial time. He may spend days poring over a brief instead of your briefs. 4Musicians He is probably attractive and can serenade you with a song or two, but he doesn’t wake till 4pm and won’t be home for more than a few hours. And of course there’s another downside: groupies.

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5. Police

You’ll make yourself crazy worrying about him. At any moment, he may be forced to confront a gang. But that’s not the worst of it. They spend long hours at work and that equals less time for both of you.

6. Actors

They are sometimes away for months shooting, and when they don’t have a film or a project they are working on, they are stressed looking for the next big thing. And do you want your man all up in some hot actresses corset? Cut your losses.

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7. Psychologist and life coach

They have to give their clients the illusion that they are always available to them meaning they can call them any time of the day or night.

8. Bartender

He works at odd hours and comes smelling stale alcohol and cigars . Oh, it’s part of their job description to flirt, just sayin!

9. Flight attendant

Just like celebrities, they travel a lot, all over the world. They are exposed to a lot, including people, and with that kinda job, who knows who they’ll meet next.

10. DJ

Three words groupies, groupies and more groupies. A DJ is worse than a musician because they probably have a gig everyday, and you won’t know what he/she does when they’re deejaying.

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