From a fashionable banker to a fashion Powerhouse

From a fashionable banker to a fashion PowerhouseFrom a fashionable banker to a fashion Powerhouse with strategic investments in fashion-related ventures. Kaweru Dennis commonly known as LaGiacca is the ideal fashionpreneur. He is the brains behind LaGiacca Kiongozi suits. He has proved fashionpreneurship does pay if done right, writes Faith Chebet

When getting dressed I ensure whatever I put on is catchy and has a lasting impression.

My style is quite eccentric. I tend to rock bold colours. I can describe my personal style as ‘Timeless Gentleman’ with a whole lot of class and a pinch of practicality. I’m quite the risk taker when it comes to fashion.

The right and wrong clothes do affect how one looks. You end up being perceived and judged almost immediately by how you dress. The wrong shoe, oversized suit and maybe a slightly torn shirt all go into ruining your chances at a first impression.

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IMG-20150923-WA0105√Right clothes on the other hand command respect and attention in equal measure. People will remember you fondly and will have a major boost if you’re impeccably dressed.

The biggest mistake men make when shopping or getting dressed is going for quantity over quality. It’s so easy to spot a fake and cheap male ensemble. Also, dress your body. Trying to squeeze into small clothes to depict a toned body or be wrapped up in oversize suits to mask the one-pack isn’t exactly ideal.

Every man needs a bespoke custom suit, a good pair of shoes (Italian if you can), an exquisite timepiece, a designer belt and unique cologne.

The item of clothing I wear often is designer blazers. I’m never without one. Most treasured items in my wardrobe would be my LaGiacca Kiongozi suits. The first six cost me a fortune to make. The fabric is exceptional. I will be formally launching the high-end line soon.

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My next fashion must-have will be my own line of designer accessories: Belts, wallets, boutonnieres, slim-ties, Monk shoes and fedoras.

If I had to pick one designer for my entire wardrobe collection it would have to be Versace.

They have an entire high-end product range. It might sound cliché but I fell in love with Medusa from such an early age. They have built an inspirational brand that’s easily recognisable and though quite imitated, it’s still one of the most iconic fashion brands.

The most outrageous piece of fashion advice I have ever received was that bright colours are for women. You’ll never catch me dead wearing fake international designer wear. Kenya is blessed with such talented fashion designers.

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