A fruit does not fall far from the tree

A fruit does not fall far from the tree. Here are top celebrity offsprings who are making major headlines

Erica Gachoka

Ciku Muruiri’s daughter made international headlines with her mobile blood application a few years back. Erica whose final grades in IGCSE School have also received nods is the ambassador of Lengai Foundation, a non-profit organisation that holds fundraisings for various causes to improve the lives of Kenyans.

She lives a rather private life with no controversies to her name. Her humanitarian characteristic with a touch of celebrity poise makes her the untouchable figure she is.

Ladasha Belle

Ladasha Belle.
Ladasha Belle.

In less than three months since her birth, she has gained more than 19,000 followers on her social media pages. Ladasha, who is a daughter to gospel icons Dj Mo and Size 8, is fast growing into a brand of her own.

No endorsements have availed themselves yet but some are allegedly under-way. Being born to two of Kenya’s most renowned gospel artistes definitely has its perks and we can’t wait to see this little beauty grow.

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Bawazir Beybe

In Pwani, he has become a household name mentioned in the same breathe as Coast’s music legends.

The son of iconic singer, Ally B Hamisi, did not receive his father’s support in his pursuit of music and has been fast to state the same to various medium. The story is, however, unclear as both parties give different views.

Bawazir has now made his own success, as his music is taking over the coastal airwaves, hit by hit. His ability to create a musical niche for himself not-withstanding his non-supporting father is good enough reason to make him popular.

Princess Tiffah

Princess Tiffah.
Princess Tiffah.

Tiffah Dangote, who is child to Tanzanian Bongo sensation Diamond Platnumz and Ugandan Socialite Zarinah Hassan, made news from the beginning as her paternity was in question.

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Tiffah who boasts a stunning three hundred and eighty one thousand followers on her Instagram page is an ambassador for various brands such as Vodacom and NMB Bank.

Her responses to public critics on her social media pages may unfortunately shade her innocent childhood lest the page mangers, her parents, tone it down.

Abba Marcus

Abba Marcus.
Abba Marcus.

Son of Ugandan artiste, Jose Chameloen was destined for stardom and this has nothing to do with the family name.

Marcus is a competitive swimmer who’s made a name for himself by participating in international swimming competitions before he joined the showbizz as a singer and actor.

Abba is the eldest of four. Marcus’ relentless and hardworking nature to be nothing but the best may land him in glorious fame if not more than his father’s.

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