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      Just for laughs, we don’t think so, the comedy industry is due for a revamp

Accents are the stepping stone of most comedians in Kenya. Once you get your accent in check, you automatically pass as a comedian. The likes of Jalang’o, Obinna, Dr Ofweneke, Mchungaji, Owago and Mogaka. All these comedians came to the limelight by capitalising on their tribal accents. And while this trend worked for a while, it’s become old.

Comedians are funny breed. With the countless gigs they get, you’d expect them to be the most bankable celebrities. However, that’s not the case. Comedy doesn’t pay much locally, unlike in international circles. Some TV shows give their comedians as low as Sh1,000. And with the lavish lifestyle that comes with the celebrity status, they are barely getting by. Two years back, 254 was stunned when they learnt that celebrated comedian Eric Omondi was allegedly thrown out of his apartment in Kileleshwa for not paying rent. What was more shocking is that Omondi bags all the coveted gigs.

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It seems that for one to be a local comedian, they need to look the part. And by ‘look’, we mean, something eccentric. Otoyo settled for a red pilot uniform, Jalang’o has his green suit and animal print shirt, which can be dated to the age of zilizopendwa, Obinna goes for the whole West African look…don’t get us started on Mchungaji.

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We can’t count the number of times we’ve sat through the same old jokes. With massive comedy shows being advertised, you’d think these comedians would have fresh material for every gig, but no. It’s the same script, just a different cast.

Having a baby momma when you are a comedian is an achievement. Obinna openly talks about his two baby mommas and kudos to him, he’s proud about his kids. Otoyo and Jalang’o also have baby mommas. While their counterpart Owago Onyiro denies having one.

Comedians put the ‘S’ scandal. From Eric Omondi making out with local socialite Huddah Munroe, to sex scandals all targeted to help them relevant in the game.


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