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Media frenzy over Ouma’s famous tackle on Sonny Bill

Foreign media and social media have gone crazy over National Rugby Sevens outside prop Oscar Ouma’s tackle on All Blacks’ star Sonny Bill during their quarter-final match at the Wellington Sevens at the weekend.

Ouma, currently an internet sensation, gored the dreaded Sonny Bill in a scene reminiscent of the David versus Golliath tale.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 12.29.24 PMThe tale was lead story in one of the Australian dailies with the headline ‘Oscar the ouch’ with the kicker ‘This Kenyan giant nailed Sonny Bill and now he’s here this weekend.’

Shujaa will be facing South Africa, Scotland and Russia in Group B of the third leg of International Rugby Board (IRB) Series, Sidney Sevens this weekend.

“Well, you know, rugby is a contact sport,” Ouma said in an interview after the famous match that Kenya unfortunately lost 36-0.

Some make contact a little harder than others, however, and if anyone can testify to that distinction it is Sonny Bill Williams.

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