Is ‘YouTube man’ being touted by Qatar?

If indeed blog rumours are to be taken to the bank, then we are in for a great shocker. Unconfirmed online sources state that world record Kenyan Javelin thrower Julius Yego alias ‘You-tube man’ is being courted by the Qatari government,in a bid to change nationality.

According to word doing the rounds post Beijing, a whopping Sh1 billion had been ‘offered’ to the Kenyan sensation who has captured the globe in the recent past following his exploits.

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Now we all know the oil rich gulf state to have brazen ambition as they seek to shine. We can all recall a couple of years back when our very own Dennis Oliech, at his prime was reportedly hunted down with a Sh200 million lucrative offer to swap allegiance to the same country, only to be rebutted dead on.

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Word is some officials were seen around his hotel room having been sent to try and lure him into a deal that could ‘change his life forever’….talk about filthy guts!

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