What is finishing our campus men!

What is finishing our campus men!

It is now in the public domain that a good population of campo chicks are going out with old men who masquerade under the name of ‘sponsors’.

One of the reasons the ladies give when they are spotted pampering the bald heads of these old men is that they don’t mess with broke campus dudes. In other words, the needs of campo chicks (Kileleshwa flats,horse hair, leopard prints, pigeon eyelashes etc) surpass the financial capabilities of campo dudes.

Are campo dudes a generation condemned to abject poverty? Well, not quite. These guys have money only that they are squandering it carelessly! Let me tell you how.


Boys will always be boys. A whole undergraduate with a shrub of beards will spend a full day without eating in the name of playing FIFA Playstation. Clever entrepreneurs have erected Playstation kiosks close to the guys hostels, where a devoted legion of enthusiasts will rather miss a class than spend a minute away from the joystick.

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A combination of football and gaming is the perfect trap for a 90s guy. Forget the cleavage! Well, it doesn’t go for free. Gaming is charged but no matter how high the bill, they don’t mind! He’s been controlling Messi’s moves and making Christiano Ronaldo score goals all day…what more would money buy?

So as kids in China make a gaming joysticks as their class assignment, graduates-to-be here are missing classes as they scream and cheer like little naïve boys in the name of playing FIFA!

Ladies say it’s fries before guys. Campo men say it’s games before dames.I understand why the girls are now choosing aged potbellies over six-packs!


Whoever came up with this betting platform for football lovers cast an incurable spell on campus dudes! Every guy is campus is now a betting pro.

They would rather bet than save to buy a book.Some guys in campo don’t even have a clue on the unit codes for the courses they are doing but the latter will detail each code for every team in SportPesa! Men are squandering every little coin they have in the name of betting on their favourite teams.

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He might not have taken lunch but he will bet with all his cash then later start disturbing people on twitter with #Wenger_Out tweets when the team loses and he loses the cash. English Premier League is back and the little sobering up that had been exhibited over the past few weeks will go away with the wind.

It’s only a few days before we start seeing #Wenger_Out tweets. Those are the betting ninjas tampering their frustrations after betting all their rent money! All I’m saying is, Yemi alade is looking for Johnie. Lady Jaydee is looking for Yahaya. Kenyans On Twitter are looking for Mollis. Campo dudes need to look for Jesus!

Post source : Michael Muraya @michael_muraya

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