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Is the grass greener on the other side?

“Kenyan men are not romantic, Kenyan men are stingy. Kenyan men…,” It is a common thing to hear women complain. All over, men are on the receiving end of frustrated women’s disapproval. Some have even been pushed to the edge and vented physically. But, is there hope for them yet, or is it time women started to explore new grounds? We sought to find out.

Nigerians If there is a lot that have really threatened the place of Kenyan men, it is the Nigerian brodas. Loud and flamboyant, it is hard to miss them. But this is exactly what draws some women to them, in Rita Mwenda’s opinion.

“Yes, there are those who are bad news, but when you find a good Nigerian man it is like hitting the jackpot. They love to pamper and take their women out. Although, being that Nigerians can be quite conservative about relationships before marriage, get used to the fact that some will treat you differently in public than they treat you in private.

There is always this underlying thing about being macho, so as not to show too much love to a woman in full view of family and friends,” Rita says.

“This also sometimes could mean that he will want to show off how much power he has over you and may bark orders at you or send you on silly errands in front of his friends. We may take such treatment as disrespect, but in their culture it only means the man has a good control of his home.”

American men

According to Anita King, a Kenyan who lives in the diaspora and even blogs about her experiences on A Summer Bunny.com, Americans are romantic. “When they are in love with you, they really love you. They treat you so well, respect you, include you in all their activities and do not care about spending money on you.

They adore you, you become their best friend,” Anita says almost dreamily. “For Black Americans though, when I was in the USA I felt like they thought they were doing me a favour. But my exes were the best relationships I had.

Americans are also competitive, so men usually try not to get addicted to alcohol, smoking, anything that will affect how they compete in life.” Well, that much cannot really be said about Kenyans and their drinking habits who can be frustrating according to Anita.

“Kenyan men feel that they have to put you down so they can show you who is the boss. Maybe they are insecure. They do things such as standing you up on a date, or make you wait for them for hours. A Kenyan man who drinks will turn you into a Nyeri chopping woman, so it’s a sure recipe for disaster.

I also noticed they do not put much effort into courting a woman; taking you drinking in their local with the boys, and other such failures. On the other hand, Kenyan men are super generous with their money, they will take you to the salon. I also like the swag Kenyan men seem to have. They are proud men and I like that,” she says.

British men

Apparently British men are not that much different from Kenyans. Lauryn Charles should know, she’s married to one! But from her experience, she intimates that they are open and honest, and will never lead you into thinking that things are okay financially when they aren’t.

“One big plus for these men is that they are 100 per cent faithful. They also treat you like a lady and understand that needs such as shopping are not trivial.

They won’t tell you that there are better things to do with the money or something like that. They are also involved in family. My husband has never had qualms about cooking or being left alone with the baby,” she explains.


“Basically, girls should watch out for these dudes,” is Anita’s opinion of them. “Lying for them is not a big deal. I’ve lived in Sweden and Swedes are super stingy.

Woi, Ata handkerchief sahau. If you are dating a Swedish man prepare to pay half his rent. As well as half of this and half that. You will go dutch at dinner. But this is just in general, it could be different case by case basis.”

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