Waititu defends ‘kaa sober’ budget allocation

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu has defended budgetary allocations to his ‘kaa sober’ campaign. The campaign, which aims at rehabilitating alcoholics, has been allocated Sh356 million in this year’s supplementary budget.

Last week, MCAs clashed over the tabling of the supplementary budget resulting into a physical fight in the assembly.

A section of the MCAs who were against it on grounds that it requires thorough scrutiny before being discussed tried to object its tabling but Speaker Stephen Ndichu overruled them.

Without approval

The supplementary budget proposes, among other things, the reduction of money meant for development projects, an increase in salaries by over Sh1 billion and the approval of Sh356 million which financed operations of the programme.

The beneficiaries of the one-year programme were taking home stipends of Sh400 daily after doing manual jobs. At the end of the programme, they got  Sh101 million send-off package, with each pocketing Sh20,000.

Speaking on Kameme FM on Tuesday morning, Waititu admitted that the ‘kaa sober’ money was spent without the approval of the assembly as is required by the law.

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