Two Ifmis systems to end fraud, says Ouko

Irene Githinji @giitshee

Auditor General Edward Ouko now wants County and National governments to use different financial management systems, saying the shared one has not achieved its intended purpose.

Ouko said two Integrated Financial Management System (Ifmis) systems will go a long way in improving efficiency and accountability at both levels of governance.

He said some of the financial challenges in counties might be attributed to the fact that they have to wait for approvals from a central point. ”Kenya is not getting full benefits of what Ifmis was intended to do. We may need to have Ifmis one and Ifmis two. One should work at the national level and the other would be county specific. That way we would not have to rely on one system,” Ouko said.

Ouko made the remarks yesterday, when he addressed the Kenya Editors’ Guild Press club on accountability and the budget-making process.

He said sometimes, figures provided by counties do not agree with what records show, adding that there is need to explore how two Ifmis can respond to some of this challenges.

On the puzzling Kiambu audit query, Ouko said that the problem arose from the fact that they had been issued with different templates.

He said that the issue arose from bad reporting or the information was recorded into a template, which was not customised for that particular reporting of the county budget.

Already, the Auditor General absolved Kiambu and several other counties from blame over bizarre spending for the 2017/18 financial year, which put to an end speculations that millions may have been lost through corruption.

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