Tanzanian handed 30-year jail term for trafficking Sh30m drugs

A Tanzanian has been sentenced to 30 years in jail after he was found guilty of trafficking to Kenya 10 kilogrammes of heroin worthy Sh30 million.

Mombasa resident magistrate Edgar Kagoni also fined Hussein Masoud Eid Sh90 million or sentenced him to five years should he fail to pay the fine.

The magistrate said prosecution had proved its case beyond reasonable doubt saying the harsh sentence would act as a deterrence to anyone who might be tempted to engage in illicit drug business which, he said, had ruined lives of many youths in Coast region.

“I have to impose the harsh sentence not only to punish him for agreeing to be used by the owners of the drugs to traffic them from Tanzania, but also to deter others out there who may be tempted to traffic  narcotic drugs,” said the magistrate, and ordered the drugs  be destroyed.

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