Sierra Leone medical staff hail expertise sharing by Chinese doctors

Sierra Leone medical staff have expressed gratitude for expertise sharing opportunities offered by their Chinese colleagues.

“I have benefited a lot from the training I have acquired from the Chinese medical team in Sierra Leone,” said Moses Senesie, laboratory technician at the Sierra Leone-China Friendship Hospital in Jui, just outside of Freetown, to Xinhua.

Senesie, who learned from the Chinese medical team in Sierra Leone, has been to China where he received basic training as a laboratory technician.

“I can now conduct a thorough clinical test and conduct an analysis of all types through the training I have acquired from the Chinese medical team,” he said.

Senesie, who has been at the hospital since its inception, told Xinhua that he can now operate different equipment thanks to the training from the Chinese medical team.

He said the laboratory is now well equipped to detect any viral disease like Ebola, among several others.

Chinese doctor Li Yanbing, who is the current supervisor of the Laboratory Test Department of the hospital, told Xinhua that she observed a huge improvement in the capacity of the local staff.

“I enjoyed working in Sierra Leone, especially with the staff I met. I provide training for them, especially in the use of the microscope and other equipment and they have learned a lot,” she said.

Abdul Aziz Kamara, a student in traditional medicine, told Xinhua that he has also benefited a lot from the training from Chinese doctors.

“For the past two years, I have learned a lot in the use of traditional Chinese medicine. I am grateful to the Chinese medical team because I am now capable of delivering effectively,” he said.

Isatu Manasaray, a staff nurse at the Traditional Chinese Medicine Department who has been working here for more than five years, said she was sent to China for six months and acquired training in traditional Chinese medicine.

“I can now be referred to as an expert in that area,” she said. (Xinhua)

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