Shabaab in terror raid plan, say DCI

Kinyuru Munuhe and Kirera Mwiti

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has warned that al Shabaab militants are  planning to stage massive attacks targeting churches in Nairobi, North Eastern and Coast regions.

A situational intelligence report shows the insurgents are sneaking into the country using the Hulugho-Ijara route within Garissa county.

“Al Shabaab is planning to stage attacks in churches in North Eastern, Coast and Nairobi during this period of Ramadhan. However, the modus operandi and specific targets are not specified,” a report from the DCI says in part.

At least 30 insurgents were last week spotted at a watering joint within Hulugho area.

As a mitigation measure, police want places of worship to be installed with CCTV cameras and thorough screening of the faithful by security guards.

More officers

Meanwhile, the Tourism Fund has called for the deployment of more officers to the Tourism Police Unit (TPU) saying only major towns were being covered.

In the wake of terror attacks targeting major installations including those in the hospitality industry, the fund said the shortage of officers had created a crisis in the unit.

This emerged when the fund held a joint meeting with the unit where they agreed to work together.

Addressing the press, the fund’s chief executive Joseph Cherutoi said the agreement will see them fund some of the activities done by TPU across the country.

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