Senate summons SGR contractor over cracks in school buildings

A public primary school in Tuala Kajiado East Sub-county has been closed indefinitely after its buildings developed “dangerous” cracks suspected to have been a result of blasting at an ongoing Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) construction site in the area.

The Senate Transport committee toured Oloosirkon Primary School which has over 700 pupils on Friday following protests by parents and ordered it be closed immediately.

The school is 500 metres from the SGR Phase Two site and the cracks are said to have worsened over time with water storage tanks also having cracks, leaving the institution’s tap dry.

The committee chaired by Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi said the situation was dire and required urgent intervention.

The SGR contractor has now been given seven days to respond to the matter with the Senate committee saying the builder ought to take full responsibility. “Our country is governed by laws and we will not allow  disregard of the law by a few individuals,” he said.

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