Rotich faulted for not lowering basic goods tax

Alvin Mwangi @PeopleDailyKe

Kenyans yesterday expressed mixed reactions over the 2019/20 budget with some hailing it for hiking alcohol and cigarettes prices while others criticised it for not addressing issues concerning  the common mwananchi.

Speaking after Treasury Cabinet secretary Henry Rotich presented the Sh2.8 trillion budget, some Kenyans who People Daily talked to complained of  rampant corruption, high cost of living and the spiralling public debt.

Hospitality incentives

Jack Okumu, a businessman dismissed the proposal to have alcohol and cigarettes prices hiked saying that Kenyans were eagerly waiting to have tax on basic  goods lowered.

“First recover the stolen money and account for the huge debt. Kenyans are not interested in some of these luxuries such as alcohol. They should lower price of unga first,” said Okumu.

Khadija Wako, a hotelier said there was need for the government to increase incentives in the hospitality industry.  Treasury CS Rotich increased excise duty for alcohol and cigarettes by 15 per cent.

Enos Enzere,  a security guard urged the government to reduce foreign trips and channel the  funds to the elderly and youths.

Netizens also expressed their views on the budget with some of them urging the government to at least budget within Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)targets.

“Is it possible for GOK to budget within KRA targets; that is between 1.9  trillion to 2.22 trillion instead of Sh3 trillion budget that ends up being financed by external loans. I mean,  slash expenditure, reduce borrowings and mitigate our external debt?” tweeted Raila Junior Odinga.

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