Reading policy underway, says Belio

Irene Githinji @gitshee

The government has developed the draft national book and reading policy towards supporting academic achievements.

Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang yesterday said the policy would be harmonised with the continental framework for book and reading policies in Africa, which seeks to facilitate authorship and publishing of books in all subject areas.

The continental book policy is also aimed at promoting production, access and use of books in African languages while regulating book production, distribution and use.

Adequate books

“It has been proven that early exposure to books contributes to high literacy levels among children. Without access to relevant books, literacy skills cannot be developed and sustained,” said.

Kipsang, spoke when he opened a three-day conference on national book and reading policies, with participants drawn from various African countries.

He said about 73 percent of secondary school students in Kenya are day scholars and do not have the benefit of extra time with teachers in the evening and the weekends unlike those in boarding schools.

The PS called for the need to ensure students also have adequate books, hence the government’s move to invest in the sector, to ensure there are equal opportunities for all learners in day or boarding schools.

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