NGOs board accused of paying ghost staff

Mercy Mwai @wangumarci

The Non-Governmental Organisations Coordination Board is on the spot over claims of irregular expenditure, including payment of ghost workers.

In a report tabled in Parliament, Auditor General Edward Ouko says  an audit had revealed fraudulent salary payments, unconfirmed board expenses and irregular promotion of staff.

Ouko reveals that Sh3.8 million was paid as salaries to one account number using several fictitious names.

“Analysis of the approved monthly payrolls and the actual amount remitted to the banks revealed a fraudulent payment of Sh3.8 million was made to one account number,” the report says.

The auditor has also accused the board of failing to remit Pay as You Earn tax deductions amounting to Sh35.1 million and Sh11.5 million in statutory contributions.

Regarding board expenses, Ouko said he could not confirm the credibility of expenditure totaling Sh5 million relating to payment of sitting allowances, per diem and mileage allowances.

The Auditor General says the payments were not supported by signed registers and payment schedules, which is contrary to provisions of the Public Finance Management Act.


Ouko says board expenses amounting to Sh1 million were not provided for audit.  The management, he says, had not provided minutes on when the board meetings were held and those who were in attendance.

“It has not been possible to ascertain the propriety and accuracy of the expenditure of Sh7 million for board expenses included in the statement of financial performance for the year ended June 2018,” reads the report.

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