Mombasa residents decry water shortage

Harrison Kivisu

A two-year water shortage occasioned by the ongoing dualling of the Mombasa-Jomvu road continues to persist with residents now threatening to stage protests.

This is after water pipes to the area were disconnected to allow for the construction of the road by a Chinese company.

Majority of the residents have been depending on water supplied by wellwishers using bowsers.

Most affected areas, according to a spot check by People Daily, are Bangladesh slum, Mikindani, Jomvu and parts of Mombasa West.

In the entire Jomvu constituency, for example, the  residents have been forced to wake up as early as 3am to get the free water supply from a local cement manufacturer, Mombasa Cement.

The more than 15,000 residents in Bangladesh slum also depend on wellwishers to get water supply.

James Otieno, a resident of Bangladesh, accused the local leadership of abandoning them as they continue to bear the brunt of water shortage. 

Water cost

A 20-litre jerrican of fresh water goes for Sh50 in Mikindani and Jomvu.

“We wake up as early as 3am at least to get free water before we go to work. We have had this problem for the past two years. Our leaders have abandoned us and now we are depending on free water from Mombasa Cement,” said Diana Adhiambo, a resident.

Mombasa Cement supplies over 180,000 cubic metres of water daily to the slum.

“When we saw residents struggling to get fresh water, we decided to offer support, we have done this because as you know, Mombasa has had  fresh water problem for decades. We will continue to do this until they can access piped water, this is part of our corporate social responsibility,” said Mombasa Cement chief security officer Andrew Oyimbra.

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