Meet this young TZ philanthropist who wants to eliminate hunger

Hunger is one of the causes of deaths and the world through SDG no 2, wants to eliminate it. Zero hunger. One of the many faces pushing this noble agenda is Nasra Swai, President of ILAW, a youthful movement where she has managed to influence and connect thousands of young people in East Africa.

She has also served as an innovative volunteer at the United Nations for two years, partnered with BBC (AFRICA) as weIl as holding a position at the global business roundtable in Kenya.With her team under Candy n Candy LTD, they have come up with an app that seeks to adress hunger in the world.

“What FidIn does is plug the gap between humanity and accountability. There have been numerous instances of aid funding disappearing. What is needed is a mechanism that allows people to follow up on whatever charity they give and ensure it arrives and is utilised by the intended recipient,” She says.

This is definitely a revolutionary initiative that will simplify the basis of what it is to be human. Among the organizations partnering for this noble purpose is Palsunite Capital Limited, a non deposit taking microfinance based in Nakuru.

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