Luanda parents reject new head teacher over ‘non-performance’

Learning was Friday disrupted at Khwiliba Primary School in Luanda sub-county, Vihiga, when parents blocked the school gate to prevent the newly-posted head teacher from assuming duty.

Parents waving placards camped that the school to block Buradi Afuya from reporting at the school,  citing poor performance at his former work station.

Afuya was transferred to Khwiliba from Ebusakami Primary School, which posted poor results in the last year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam as most candidates scored below 200 marks.

Afuya, who has a Master’s degree in Education, is hard pressed to convince the parents to accept him at the school after they demanded that the former head teacher Peter Ondu to be retained or TSC posts a school head from a better-performing school.

Khwiliba’s top candidate scored 410 marks in the national examination and the school had a mean score of 336 marks.

“We do not want failures in our school. Afuya should go back to Ebusakami where he leads from behind in national exams. Khwiliba Primary School is not a dumping site of non-performers,” said parents.

Area deputy sub-county commissioner Arnold Mwambaya had to intervene and assured parents their grievance would be addressed by the area Education office. He asked parents to be patient and allow pupils to resume learning.

“I assure parents that their grievances will be addressed by the area Education office. It is good to care for your children’s education by demanding performing teachers,” he said.

Teachers, who have poor performance records, are finding it hard to assume duties in their new stations in the county. Most teachers who were transferred to the county have, however, reported to their new stations.

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