FKE pushes for expansion of workers’ skills

Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) chief executive Jacqueline Mugo on Friday  asked stakeholders to join hands and expand the skills of their workers.

At a media conference, Mugo said FKE working with other stakeholders to shape the future of employment and create jobs.

She emphasised the need to change work strategies, and outline the skills that  enterprises need.

“Our country is still labour-dependent, but our enterprises need to change with the world,” she said.

“There are gaps between available jobs and the qualifications that employees have,” she added.

Mugo said during the Africa Employers Conference that will be held from July 26-27 in Mombasa, stakeholders will discuss the future of employment in Africa, how employers and enterprises can thrive in future, and create more job opportunities.

“Over 200 policy makers will be attending the conference to discuss the future of works and enterprises,” she said.

On the housing levy, Mugo said the proposal indicates that employers and employees should contribute, yet there is no clear guarantee of getting the houses.

“Affordable Housing is a good idea but we can make contributions on how it can be funded without imposing levies on employers because that is an added cost,” she said.

“We expect the court to complete the hearing and come up with a decision that will be acceptable to both parties on July 22,” she added.

FKE deputy national president Habil Olaka said the conference will also focus on empowering enterprises for accelerated job creation in Africa, legal and regulatory forms in the labour sector and their impact in the future of enterprises.


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