Despite drop, 28m people at risk of malaria in 2017

Twenty eight million Kenyans are at risk of being infected with malaria this year, the ministry of Health says.

Director of Medical Services Jackson Kioko, however, said in Narok during World Malaria Day on Tuesday that the ministry has intensified the fight against the killer parasitic disease. 

He said the government was committed to eradicating malaria, adding that a vaccine to prevent its spread was undergoing final testing in the country, Malawi and Ghana to ensure it was safe to children under five years.

“The trials are aimed at determining its efficacy and identifying side effects. After all measures are in place, the government will roll it out before mid next year,” he said in a speech he read for CS Cleopha Mailu.

Mosquirix or RTS, S that is being developed by World Health Organisation (WHO) is designed to prevent the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum from infecting, maturing and multiplying in the liver, after which it re-enters the bloodstream and infects red cells, leading to disease. 

Kioko said, in general, there has been a steady decline in malaria cases in the country with one out of 50 people testing positive.

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