Kepsa decries graft, unethical practices in public programmes

George Kebaso and  Gillian Seka @PeopleDailyKe

The future of the government-led Public Private Partnership (PPP) programme  that is now in its seventh year  looks bleak after members of the private sector threatened to rethink their position.

Members of the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (Kepsa) accused the government yesterday of failing to control unethical malpractices such as  inflated costs,  bad procurement practices, bribery and underhand dealings that  have created a bad environment for investments in public sector.

While Kepsa agrees that contracting authorities and implementing agencies have struggled to understand the provisions of the PPP Act, 2013, it decried the rampant corruption witnessed in the awarding and procurement of tenders. The alliance said underhand dealings  make  it difficult for the private sector to participate in the programmes.

“The PPPs were designed to enhance value for money in infrastructure development through risk mitigation and transfer, innovation and service provision. But unethical practices such as inflation of costs will make the private sector shy away from investing in these projects,” Kepsa deputy chief executive Rachel Muthoga said in Nairobi where an upcoming forum to discuss corruption was unveiled.

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