China to support growth agenda

The Chinese government has promised to assist Kenya achieve development on various fronts, far more than just loans.

Chinese envoy to Kenya, Wu Peng affirmed his country’s support for Kenya’s development and its active participation in growing cooperation between the two countries.

“China does not have its own agenda in Kenya. Kenya’s development priorities are our preferred areas of cooperation,” Wu said.

He further assured of an enhanced cooperation with different countries, including an increase in imports to China and delivering more development opportunities.

Increasing investments

Wu, who made the remarks in his welcome reception in Nairobi, said it is estimated that China’s direct investments in Kenya reached US$ 520 million last year, with Chinese enterprises reportedly creating about 130,000 jobs.

“I always encourage Chinese companies to align themselves with the Big Four agenda, by increasing investments in areas such as manufacturing. This will help Kenya achieve industrialisation and a favourable trade balance through implementation of import replacement,” said Wu adding:

“We are willing to strengthen cooperation with other development partners on the basis of keeping the leading role of Kenya, to achieve win-win outcomes.”

He said the 2019 International Horticulture Expo is currently being held in Beijing while the China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo will be held in China’s Changsha City next week.

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