Table evidence on abuse of office, State tells Nasa

Table evidence on abuse of office, State tells Nasa
Photo: Government spokesman Eric Kiraithe. Photo/File

The government has denied claims of abuse of office by public servants and challenged the opposition to provide evidence to search allegations.

Government Spokesman Eric Kiraithe, while referring to recent threats by the opposition’ Nasa that they will institute criminal prosecutions against the government officials on alleged abuse of office based on a fundraising dinner in support of Jubilee Party, dismissed the threats as unsubstantiated loose talk.

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“The government would wish to confirm that the dinner was not hosted by Jubilee Party but by a club dubbed Friends of Jubilee party. There is nothing in the Constitution stopping any Kenyan from associating with such an organisation,” he said at a press briefing in Mombasa, adding the function was purely private in nature and no public resources were committed.

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“We are, therefore, challenging Nasa and others to provide proof that there has been abuse of office. Such proof would include evidence of those offices that personally solicited funds from the public or from persons seeking services from their offices for a political cause,” he said.

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