Wireless Charging Handbag and Tote

Wireless Charging Handbag and Tote
Photo: Wireless Charging Handbag and Tote.

Featuring wireless smart device charging, bio-lock security, Bluetooth proximity alerts, and “enough organisation to rival a mobile office,” FYB London Smart Handbags are as efficient as they are chic.

Not to worry about prying fingers making their way into your handbag. FYB promises that all its products are protected by a Transportation Security Administration accepted biometric recognition lock, which means you and only you (or whomever else you allow) can access the contents of your tote.

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But for convenience’s sake, you can easily unlock your bag from your phone thanks to Bluetooth connectivity and this same connectivity will alert you if you happen to leave a business meeting without your trusty sidekick.

All FYB London Smart Handbags are made with premium leather and come in either a city bag or tote style. Going for Sh26,780, make your pre-order now at Kickstarter.

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