‘Vegan’ caught tearing into meaty bones

Some temptations in life can be irresistible and the invitation unbelievable!

What do you do when hotel’s silvery chaffing dishes are left open exposing hundreds of delicious and colourful honey-glazed goat ribs and juicy baked balsamic chicken legs beckoning, yet you are wrestling hunger with a pinched pocket?

Some city souls just give a salivating glance and promise themselves to return for a personal treat on a good day someday. Others may try to raise impromptu funds: it can be from the myriad money lending mobile apps or close friends.

But there appears to be a queer type that has left staff at a certain city hotel bemused. A young man who had visited the high-rated hotel pretending to inquire about its conference packages but only wanted to relieve himself in its sparkling washrooms ended in a fiasco that had him pay an arm and a leg.

The man, in his late 30s, approached the reception and asked how much it would cost to host 30 people in one of the hotel’s conference rooms for a day. After he was given a quotation, he excused himself for the washrooms. When he returned, he went straight to the hotel’s famous buffet restaurant. The well spread buffet costs Sh3,800. “How much do you charge a vegan? I just want the vegetables and not meat,” he explained to the cashier. “Sh1,200, sir,” the cashier answered. The ‘guest’ proceeded to serve himself all manner of vegetables but surreptitiously sneaked four pieces of chicken legs plus spoonful scoops of beef as soon as the cashier left the buffet station.

He then settled at a dark corner where he ravenously tore into the chicken legs and washed down the loot with complimentary fruit juice. He made sure to cover the bones with serviettes, but while he thought he had outsmarted the hotel staff, he was in for a rude shock.

The cashier had been monitoring the ‘guest’ intently as he worked on the beef and chicken, and she did not buy the vegan narrative. She slapped the man with the full bill before adding, “Thank you for converting to a barbeque lover!  We salute our chef.”

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