Turn up Kisumu

There we were, all dressed in adventure, straddling the edge of the Renault Sandero ready to ‘turn up’ Kisumu IG Tour. The way I figure, everyone gets a miracle. Like, I will probably never be struck by lightning and become The Flash nor will I become the dictator of a small nation in the Pacific Islands. My miracle was different. My miracle was this: out of all the teams leaving paper towns behind in search of the next big adventure, I teamed up with a bunch of misfits who made even going to the grocery store an adventure (looking at you Adey, Adagala and Gatimu).

With Chronixx’s reggae tunes blasting through the stereo and Heineken in hand, our party was greedy for new experiences, sights and cities. That’s the best part about highways isn’t it? What they symbolise — they are places of bookends; hello and goodbyes, new beginnings and long-awaited endings, arrivals and departures. If anything, there should be some sort of time-lapse to show how people change between places of transit. After all, not all classrooms have walls.

And as we drove up towards our first stopover, the Great Rift Valley View Point, over sharing despicable and awkward tales, it gave me a new appreciation for people who never say commonplace things. Rather, they burn, like fireflies exploding across the night sky, and make you go ahh…

The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland was right on the money; ‘we are all mad here.’ And speaking of mad, View Point at 8am is hell. Yeah, you read that right. Hell is cold. Forty five minutes in, I was ready to raid the cloak room of the Lady of Winterfell. Truth be told, it was either that, or I’d be looking at a few years behind bars — crime of passion. (Too bad stripes aren’t my thing). The way I was eyeing those picket fences, there was only one way this tale would have ended — inferno.

Cue Kygo’s spunky, effervescent remix of Marvin Gaye’s classic hit, Sexual Healing, and we were cruising off past Naivasha jamming to the tropical house track. About two hours later, Kericho was beckoning. And I have to say, those tea plantations were the Earl to my Grey. Cliché, heck ya, but I couldn’t help but be drunk on their green, picturesque views, which was enough to make the mind soar, and the heart sing. Not to mention they are a trekker’s paradise.

After what should only be described as ‘Fifty Shades of Earl Grey’, we were back on the road, Lake Victoria welcoming us to the lakeside city of Kisumu, and just in time to catch the sunset. And who doesn’t love the strokes of a mad painter across the sky? The streaks of dark purple and the red dash were romantic, awe-inspiring and utterly Instagram-able.

They were enough to stop just about anyone in their tracks. And just like love at first sight, it took my breath away, leaving me speechless and gawking like an idiot. I digress. What was more important was savouring every last bit of that fleeting beauty.

Watch out for the second part of this scintillating story courtesy of Turnup Travel…

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