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Dads deserve to be celebrated always

Dads deserve to be celebrated, but each year it seems to be harder than the last to think of something special you can do together. After all, you can only have so many dinners or buy so many wallets, writes Wairimu Nyingi

1. Get sporty

Remember the tag take one for the team? Here’s where it comes in. Whether you’re a sports fan or not, if your dad is, have a sports-themed day. You can do a picnic, get the gear ready, and even make ‘team shirts’ for the family to wear (if you have the time)!

2. Volunteer

Fathers give you so much, now it’s time for you both to give back. This Father’s Day, go to a children’s home or help around in your community. 

3. Go camping

Besides spoiling dad with a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine,  find an adventure you can share together as a family. Go camping — you’ll have fun, get to relax, and enjoy some family time. So, book a crazy camping weekend away where you and your family can experience the outdoors together; make a fire, and perhaps, if it’s not too chilly, sleep under the stars. Heck, you can even throw down at your backyard. 

4. Take a cooking class

Eating out is fun and all, but it is not as memorable as getting behind the kitchen with your old man and whipping up a meal or two. Heck, you can even sign up for cooking classes.

5. Hit the racing tracks

Hit the racing tracks and get dad into a Go-Kart! He will have the time of his life — forget another gift of golf shirts.

6. Plan a spa day

Spa days are not just for women. If your dad isn’t the kind to be put off by the idea of a day of pampering, get a spa package and let him enjoy some treatments, a luxurious massage, haircut, or shave. PS, check out Kaya Spa at Tribe Hotel. Their Rasul Chamber is to die for.

7. Time for some friendly fire

Nothing says “I love you” like a little friendly battle of the generations. So, hit Paintball Fury at Purdy Arms, Chaka Ranch and Mombasa and let dad explore his inner warrior.

8. Plan a trip

Whether it’s a day trip or a weekend getaway, this weekend will be a great time to get away on a scenic road trip. Sometimes it’s not about the destination — just you and the open road as you catch up on anything and everything.

9. Take a bike ride

When was the last time you and dear ol’ dad hopped on bikes and hit the trails? Even better, a lot of establishments such as Karura Forest have them available for rental.

10. Go through keepsakes together

There’s something special about getting your old man to talk about  his upbringing, friends, favourite childhood memories, or even taking you through some of your old home videos. Granted you’ll shed a few happy tears together, but trust us, this will be a day for the books!

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