The bigger the better

Why did you go for this ride?

At first, before I got to know more about cars, I at least knew that big cars are the real deal. I was not experienced on automobiles, but I was passionate about heavy cars as they are comfortable and are renowned of their off-road capabilities. That passion grew even deeper after I ventured into the motor industry, and I acquired this ride to quench the long desire.

What does the auto do for you?

I would define this car as my daily companion, since I spend the greatest part of the day with it. It aids me go through my everyday runs. Its navigation screen is so accurate, though the ride consumes a lot of fuel in the city due to the traffic in most streets. When I am taking a longer distance, it is relatively economical depending on the speed.

Any road trip you have made with the ride?

We have done several road trips with the MK Motorsports team. The furthest I have gone with it is Arusha, Tanzania. We have also been to Namanga at the Kenya-Tanzania border, and the latest, Konza in Machakos county with a couple of friends.

Any modification?

I have only done a few adjustments, since I could tell the manufacturer had done remarkable justice to the entire car. I only had to replace the tyres with 22-inch low-profile wheels, and the ECU (engine control unit) remap by Sharan to enhance the performance and fuel efficiency.

Have you noticed any drawback?

As a ‘common mwananchi’ one will always think of the high fuel consumption of 5.7 litres, but once you fancy a car, that should not be an issue. From experience, I would say the performance justifies that consumption. The biggest challenge I have experienced so far is the cost of spare parts. They are quite expensive.

Any memory this ride gives you?

Well, when I see this car, it gives me a picture of the hard work and the tough times I went through before I obtained it. It is simply the reward for my sacrifice and efforts.


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