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Seeing beyond hubby’s shaky past

Terence Creative, whose real name is Lawrence Macharia, has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry as a comedian and content developer. But surprisingly, he had a tough childhood, lost his mum at an early age, ended in the street, but his turning point came when he went to a children’s home, as his wife Milly Chebby reveals

Faith Kyoumukama @martkinel

Describe Terence in few words?

Creative, patient and loving.

Tell us your love story.

I met him at work in 2013 at Carnivore. Churchill Show was resuming after taking a break. It was my first day at work and I was in the production department while he worked as a creative director. Terence was supportive, showed me around making my first day at work easy. Work aside; personally, it was love at first sight.

What was your first date like?

After Churchill Show; we got a lift from a friend to town. But because I was living alone, I didn’t feel like cooking after a long day at work. We went to Highlands, had a meal and I paid, and I didn’t mind settling the bill. That’s what we would consider as our first date.

What is the difference between Terence the creative and Terence your husband?

There is a thin difference. At work, he is full of humour, which he is also at home. And as a husband, he is supportive and helps with chores.

How do you handle all the attention he gets as a celebrity?

I have worked with so many celebrities, meaning I have been in the industry for a long time. So, even when female fans surround him, I don’t have a problem with it.

How is he as a father to your newborn baby?

We grew up in totally different backgrounds. He lost his mum at a tender age of nine and he never got to know his father. He and his brothers had to move in with their grandmother in a single-roomed house at Mlango Kubwa, Nairobi. Tired of the deplorable lifestyle, he turned to the streets.

For seven years, street was his home until he was taken to Muli’s Children’s Home, Machakos where he was rehabilitated. He didn’t have what you would call a normal upbringing. So, there is no script to follow probably because he doesn’t know how a normal family is set up and the roles of a husband or father.

I was telling him on Father’s Day, he has turned out to be such a hands-on father to our daughter Milla.  In fact, since I gave birth in April this year, he gives her a bath and he enjoys doing it religiously.

Speaking of his dark past in the streets, tell us more about it.

While in the streets he sniffed glue, smoked bhang and got addicted to cigarettes. He quit sniffing glue and smoking bhang once he went to the children’s home, but continued smoking cigarettes.

He quit in 2017 after 22 years. I dislike smoking. The smell would put me off, but I would buy him mint gum just to help with the smell. I would constantly complain. He didn’t even tell me he has stopped smoking. But I guess you must have the will to do something.

Has his upbringing affected how he views marriage and family?

Yes, of course. I almost quit. I threatened to call off our relationship so many times. He would come home without bringing anything, and it would puzzle me. But it’s because I did not understand where he came from. Now, I’m enjoying the fruit because I was patient. I remember I would get mad and later calm down, sit him down and teach him the roles of a husband.

Is it the reason you delayed getting a baby until this year?

Actually, I lost a pregnancy in 2017. I was 13 weeks pregnant. But yes, it’s one of the reasons. Terence really wanted a baby, but as selfish as it may sound, I was scared. However, when I think of it, probably getting a baby earlier would have turned out well, who knows?

What is it about him that interested you despite knowing his humble background?

His kindness, and I think God just connected us.

One most weird behaviour or habit that you don’t like in him?

He isn’t stylish. I must plan what he wears the day before because if I allow him to do it by himself, he would dress like a clown.

You recently started vlogging.  Was he the brains behind it?

I love cooking, but yes, he somehow prompted me to start one.

Tell us about his journey in comedy?

Terence is full of humour and loves making people laugh. He is a content creator on Churchill Show. He has become an online sensation following his series Kamami on social media and YouTube. He started it as a joke, but he already had a vision on how to execute and create a brand out of it.

If he were not a comedian, what would he be?

He would be a journalist; he has a deep interest in media and journalism.

Your advice to young couples?

Understand your partner and their past, that is their background.

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