In God’s timing

How did you meet?

Benjamin: We met at a worship event in 2018. I used to see her in church way back in 2015 but I never approached her as she was a ‘celebrity’ and I always felt like she was a snob. At this worship event, she came to say ‘Hi’ with a friend and they went away. She followed me on Instagram around this time and that’s when we began chatting. Later on, I began feeling depressed about my life and was tired of everything. I searched for someone I could share what I was going through with, and Tess, being a minister of God’s word, came to the rescue. That’s how we began our friendship, which eventually became a relationship, and now we are married.

How was the proposal?

Tess: It took place in October last year. I was out of the country in South Africa for Bible school and came back just for a short break in Mombasa to see my family. He travelled from Nairobi to Mombasa for the surprise. We were at Mama Ngina Drive facing the ocean, and that’s when he told he wanted to marry me… bla bla, lol. I was going back to SA, so he told me to go think about it. We had just known each other for two months when he proposed. I went back to SA and came back a month later in December and I said ‘Yes’.

How was the process of planning your wedding?

We had no planning committee. We planned the wedding on our own with the help of our sister Sophine Waka, who is excellent with events execution. She planned everything together with one of our closest friends, Sam Kibet, while we concentrated on raising the money for the budget. The planning process was full of drama, fun, fights, frustration but all worth it.

What influenced your decision for the venue?

We needed somewhere we could do everything in one place for convenience in accessibility and saving time.

Tell us about your theme

The theme was inspired by the colour of our attires. We love casual, and went for grey and turquoise blue. We both love travelling and relate well with open spaces (the sky and sea). The sea is symbolic of the depth of life and its expansiveness, while the sky symbolizes freedom, confidence, and calmness of the things we should aim at in life. We thought its significant to the step we took, and just like that we settled on grey-blue.

What were some of the highlights on your big day?

The wedding absolutely exceeded our imaginations (To God be the glory). However, we had a few hitches here and there, such as suppliers not showing up on time. I was happy to see my friends who travelled from as far as South Africa, Tanzania, Mombasa, Kitui, Kisumu, Vihiga, Migori, and different parts of Nairobi just to support us. I loved the fact that we had the freedom to share what was from our hearts in our vows as opposed to the normal ones. Our bridal party, that comprised of our friends and family, was so psyched up that they lit up the entire ceremony. I also love that there was plenty of cake for everyone to enjoy, and our photography too was amazing.

How did you choose your entertainment suppliers?

We sourced our service providers from online platforms and recommendations. For the MC, we had Victor Mandala and MC Fortune, who alongside DJ Syke, are our personal friends and workmates. We needed facilitators who are born-again Christians, fun, entertaining and who we could handle easily. MC Mandala is from Biblia Husema Broadcast and we had the privileged of attending a number of functions he has hosted. He is a well-balanced MC whose focus on the audience is intentional. There were a lot of out-of-town guests and amazingly, he connected with the crowd effortlessly, from his humour approach to the actual role.

MC Fortune (hype man) took up the better part of the day, keeping the evening alive with some moves and good tunes from the deejay, with whom we worked on a playlist beforehand.

Advice to couples planning their wedding?

Pray about every single detail that concerns your wedding, no matter how seemingly insignificant. Also, be yourself and do you. At the end of the day, both of you should be fulfilled about the day.

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