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Here’s how to change your marriage for the better in 2019

Each new year, people make resolutions. If you are a married couple, I wonder what New Year resolutions you have made to ensure that the two not only continue to be one but also thrive as one. Here are some couples’ New Year’s resolutions ideas that have the potential to change your marriage for the better in 2019.

First, pick one night each week that you will call No screen time Night. Meaning on these nights you will not turn on the TV, switch off your phones and just have some alone time. Try it, I can assure you, you won’t die.

Determine to have at least one dinner a week together. Dinner times can be a solemn time for you as a family and as a couple to get to know what is happening in each other’s lives. You can even schedule at least one date night each month just for the two of you.

Purpose to ask more questions than to attack or interrogate your spouse. Ask open-ended questions that open up the conversation and you will be surprised at how you enjoy having conversations with your spouse.

Encourage and support each other in doing something that you have always wanted to do. It could be going to the gym, why not sweat it out together a couple of days a week, or take evening walks together thereby not only improving the quality of your health but your relationship as well?

In the midst of it, all remember to be positive. Purpose to compliment your spouse each day. Instead of just complaining about what they have done or not done, look for something positive in them and compliment them for it.

Finally, and this is important, make sex a priority. I read this quote the other day that aptly describes our busy lifestyle, “She gets home at 6.30pm. He gets home at 7.30pm. Both have had hard days at the office. They’re tired, they have a quick dinner in silence, catch up with the 9 o’clock News, and then crawl to bed and go to sleep… The missing ingredient? Sex.”

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